otr4j is part of my GSoC 09' project and is encouraged by the SIP Communicator development. otr4j is an implementation of the OTR (Off-the-Record) protocol in java.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Have you checked out some cool features of NetBeans?

I wanted an overall picture of otr4j, so I thought a good idea would be to create a class diagram.

Initially, I checked what's the Eclipse way of doing this. It seems although there are tools for modeling in Eclipse, they don't support reverse engineering source code into UML diagrams, so I thought "this must be something Eclipse developers do with some 3rd party -not very expensive- application..".

I browsed the web for a while, but found nothing standard except from ArgoUML maybe (one should define standard off course..). I eventually settled with NetBeans.

I was aware of the fact that NetBeans has support for reverse engineering Java Applications but didn't consider using it from the beginning because I wanted to build up my existing Eclipse skills.

The good stuff about NetBeans don't end here, it even has Mercurial support by default, which made me want to use Mercurial and let me be productive at the same time. Apparently I was very wrong about NetBeans..

I got so excited that I just made a question in the post where Mercurial support for Google Code has been announced, asking when it will go public. Now that Mercurial is working for me, I want to push my change sets!

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