otr4j is part of my GSoC 09' project and is encouraged by the SIP Communicator development. otr4j is an implementation of the OTR (Off-the-Record) protocol in java.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life After GSoC

GSoC is not that important to split the time before and after it (GSoC), but I liked that subject because it reminds of a well known song I was listening to in my earliest youth :>

So what's going on after GSoC (relevant to GSoC)?

The truth is that I don't have much free time, but I try to devote some time in otr4j and SIP Communicator. The SIP Communicator plugin is in a good state but there are some open issues for otr4j.

I have already worked on otr4j issue 3 because there was demand. Currently I'm reading Java I/O so I can work on issue 1 with more confidence.

The code changes required for closing issue 1 would affect 20-25% of the code approximately and will improve code quality and readability a lot and a bit it's efficiency.

Another thing I've started working on is a port of otr4j in .NET (otr4net), I think that will follow IO changes because I want to have a good model before I finish the port.

That's about it :)

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